SAMBIX specializes in plating metal parts used in general industry. We do plating treatments in zinc, nickel, tin as well as chemical conversion treatments.

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What are whiskers?

Whiskers are needle shaped single crystals that grow from zinc, too small to be seen by the naked eye.

What can happen when whiskers occur?

Computer system errors, short circuits and other various problems can result when the whiskers from the zinc electroplating get into the interior of computers.

Why don’t whiskers form with Sambix, Inc.’s Zero Whisker S treatment?

We use an original treatment which influences the internal stress factor which causes the whiskers.

Why is hexavalent chromium harmful to the environment?

Hexavalent chromium contains an extremely strong toxicity, not only causing dermatitis and tumors if it comes into contact with bare skin, but is know to be a cause of cancer if accumulated internally.

Can trivalent chromium change into hexavalent chromium?

Due to oxidization, trivalent chromium can change into hexavalent chromium.

Does Sambix, Inc.’s Zero Chromium S treatment use any chromium?

Our company has developed an original technique in which a particular organic acid and a metallic compound are combined to form a coat which is a highly corrosive resistant anti-rust treatment and completely chromium free.