SAMBIX specializes in plating metal parts used in general industry. We do plating treatments in zinc, nickel, tin as well as chemical conversion treatments.

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 Our company specializes in zinc, nickel, and tin plating, along with aluminum chemical conversion treatment of metal parts used in general manufacturing of electronics, semi-conductors, office automation, optics, automobiles and in construction. We excel in the surface treatment of minute parts of electronics, office automation, and optical instruments which require the highest quality.
 Throughout this company’s history, we have clung to the principle to serve our customers by making aggressive investments in equipment in order to maintain high quality. We have established a system adhering to tough standards and periodical inspections to meet the customer’s orders.
 In anticipating the customer’s needs, we are at all times pushing forward, one step ahead in technical development through diligent research and enhancement of surface treatment techniques. As a result, we have been able to develop a whisker resistant zinc plating technique Zero Whisker S ® and a chromium treatment completely free from harmful chromium Zero Chromium S ®.
 Zero Whisker S technique’s superiority has been recognized twice; once in receiving the “Small and Medium Enterprise Merit Award for New Techniques” in 1996, and again in 2000 in receiving “Excellence in Invention Patent, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director-General’s Encouragement Award”.
 As for Zero Chromium S, we have received praise from clients concerned about preserving the world environment for abiding with the RoHS injunction regulating valence 6 chromium. Zero Chromium S technique’s excellence was recognized in 2006 when it received the “Excellence in Invention Patent, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director-General’s Encouragement Award”.
 We are the only company in the world that produces an anti-rust zinc treatment that is whisker resistant and which is completely chromium free. For non-whisker treatment, we have an 11 year production performance record; 6 years of those being chromium free.
 In the future, we plan to continue to serve a wide range of business in the industrial world as a surface treatment enterprise.


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