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Concerning whisker acceleration testing with an ultra-long time length

In order to confirm the non-formation of whiskers and guarantee the quality of our company’s patented non-whisker method for zinc plating, Zero Chromium S, we carry out testing once a month at 100℃ for 72 hours.
We were requested by our customers to perform a test with a longer period to see if it was certain that whiskers would not form. A 2000 hour acceleration test was carried out.

1.Test specimen

On February 4, 2004 the 10cm by____ 5cm specimen was treated on the mass production line (M radio control range 3.2-3.6, that day 3.4) with non-whisker zinc plating, hexavalent chromate anti-rust treatment.

2. Acceleration testing and observation

On February 2, 2004, the test specimen was placed in a heat circulation thermostat oven at 100℃ plus or minus 3℃ for the acceleration testing. Every 500 hours, it was taken out and observed under a 20-60 power substance microscope. After 2000 hours, the specimen was observed under a scanning electronic microscope.


As summarized in chart 1, the existence of whiskers was checked every 500 hours. The photos show the external appearance after 2000 hours as well as a scanning electronic microscope photo after 2000 hours.

Chart 1 Results of observations

Acceleration time (H) existence of whisker development
500 no whisker development
1000 no whisker development
1500 no whisker development
2000 no whisker development

Photo 1 external appearance after 2000 hours

Photo 1 external appearance after 2000 hours

Slight traces of Hillock like formations were confirmed at 1500 magnification, but whiskers did not develop.

Photo 2 under a scanning electronic microscope after 2000 hours

Photo 2

Even when an ultra-long testing period was carried out for whisker acceleration, whiskers did not develop due to the plating film restraining the internal stress (patented).