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surface treatment technnologysurface treatment technnology

Outstanding plating for electronic devices Zero Whisker S

Although zinc plating cost is low, it has the weak point of being prone to form whiskers, extremely fine needle-like protrusions from the surface. Especially in the electronics field, as miniaturization progresses, whiskers on the surface of a housing or cover can come into contact with the printed circuit board causing short circuits.
In the past, there have been many accidents caused by short circuiting in switchboards, rotary switches, train control panels etc.
More recently, there was an accident in which a short circuit was caused by a whisker coming off the zinc plated surface of a raised floor support leg. It floated through the air and was sucked into a computer casing, contacting the circuit board.

In order to prevent whiskers

1.carry out heat treatment at high temperatures after plating
2.plate without brighteners.
3. It has been suggested to us to plate with alloys

but from the stand point of production, there is a difficulty, preventing practical use.

As the result of diligent technique investigation at our company, we found that in using a specific plating bath composition, internal stress is minimized. Out of this, a new zinc plating technique (patent no.2892601 and no.3340401) which prevents whiskers from forming was established.

Strong points

  1. Due to the lack of internal stress (motive force) which causes whiskers, whiskers do not form, making a great contribution to the stabilization of quality in electronic devices.

  2. Picture from an electronic microscope after testing to accelerate whisker growth(100℃for 72 hours)

    Zero Whisker S plated screw Conventional zinc plated screw
    Zero Whisker S plated screw Conventional zinc plated screw
  3. Due to its good luster, it is well suited for surfacing material when good design is required.
  4. It is cost effective as it can be used in the existing operation of zinc plating.